Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yesterday was a Feiertag (holiday)--one of many in Germany. On holidays in Bavaria, one tends to see more Lederhosen. Despite not having Lederhosen like the guys in the first picture, we made it back to Munich safely by train. In Murnau, we went to the Münter Haus and to the Schlossmuseum where there was a Klee exhibition and also the regular collection, featuring Münter, Kandinsky, Campendonk, and Beckmann. The small sketches by Münter and also the history of Hinterglasmalerei (painting on glass) are my personal favorites. But I also love the setting. It is stunning to see the art works in rooms that look out over the same mountains and countryside where the Blue Rider painted. From the Schlossmuseum we went to visit the countryside studio of Ugo Dossi, who walked us through his incredible Atelier (studio) and talked with us about his works and series with physicists. We'd love to learn more about his automatic drawing, but we'll need to have at least three days free to do a workshop. Maybe next time. Murnau is a sweet place and we try to visit there on every trip.

The rest of the trip promises to be pretty low-key: daily theater or ballet, museums, a visit to Dachau Memorial site/museum, a diction lesson, some reflections, and a nice farewell dinner.

Oh, I always post a few selfies with the group because how else would anyone know that I am on this trip since I'm usually behind the camera?

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