Sunday, May 17, 2015

      The past few days have been incredible here in München. We've had a lot of time to explore museums lately. At the lenbachaus I've become very fond of Gabrielle Münter, a blue rider artist. It's an amazing thing to see her beautiful artwork of the alps after visiting where she lived in Murnau and seeing how close she stayed to them. The Glyptothek is my favorite museum in München. It has Greek statues and great coffee. They currently have an extra antique exhibition of pottery and art of the twelve Olympic gods. Also yesterday I visited the Haus der Kunst. Hitler had it built to showcase proper "pure German" art that the nazi party supported. It now holds what he would have labeled "degenerate" art. The exhibits I saw were modern and expressive, definitely an experience I will not forget. 
      After seeing this wide range of art, we took some time to make our own. I painted a ballerina and tried to utilize technique from Münter. I was inspired by the ballet we all attended yesterday. Every dancer was incredible and they portrayed a love story. Each move was so impressive, I enjoyed every second of the show. Tonight we saw Die Zopfer at the Kammerspiele. Two of the actresses were also in the first show we saw here. I am truly stunned at how many shows the actors here and be in at once while still performing at that level. The costumes and music were great, there were only three actresses but their portrayal brought the play to life. 
      Even though the program is ending soon, I still can't believe I'm here. 

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