Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Very Nice Beginning

      We had great weather today which was perfect for all our activities! Our first event didn't start until 1:30pm so we had the morning to explore. The sun was shining while Molly, Josiah, and I spent most of our time walking outside and Zach enjoyed shopping in München's  unique stores. We all met up in the afternoon with Christina, a talented artist who creates her work from nature and leaves it right there. She has made beautiful Landart and radiates passion for this type of expression. We gathered different colors or materials and made different pieces which we admired, snapped some photos, and left behind. It's quite a beautiful thing to work hard and then move on. Afterwards we ate a delicious German dinner to refill the energy the sun had taken from us. It was great and a nice break before the Marionette show. The play was absolutely amazing and I'm astounded that so much life can be brought into such small wooden characters. The clear diction and enthusiastic actors allowed me to understand more German and enjoy the show even more. I can't believe Janet has packed so much fun into one day, it feels like each day here is a week. I'm having a blast! There is so much beauty and history here, it's hard to take it all in. Thank you all for your support!! I am truly grateful, I'm still not sure if  this is only a dream. It seems to good to be true.

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