Wednesday, May 13, 2015

It's a wonderful trip

      I still can't believe I am truly here. The alps are so stunning, it looks like a painted backdrop. We had a lovely breakfast at our bed and breakfast in Mittenwald and said goodbye to the most relaxing place we have gone to. A train, bus, and skip later we arrived at the gorge. The natural beauty took my breath away. We walked along the edge in a cave/tunnel as water fell from the tall edge and through the rocky gorge. It was incredible to witness and added another unbelievable experience to this trip. Another bus and train took us to Murnau and a beautiful hotel. The sun had tired us out but we pushed through and continued our study of the Blue Rider artists. We walked through the Münter-Haus which is now a museum. It's the summer house for Gabrielle Münter and Kandinsky. Paintings and belongings were displayed through the house. After spending a lot of time in Lenbachhaus studying the Blue Rider exhibit, seeing this house really added to my understanding of their perspectives. Including to see what could have inspired them from the backyard garden to the view of the distant mountains. 
      We also enjoyed a wonderful dinner and picked up some food for tomorrow at the supermarket. There is a million and a half holidays in Germany so the stores will be closed. I can't wait to tell my dad about the vacation time and holidays the workers receive here. Most of us were ready to go to bed at 5pm but being this tired is well worth the amazing experience

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