Thursday, April 30, 2015

It is 47 Degrees F (8 C) and pouring rain. So the company, food, and theater are better than the weather. I guess if I had to pick one thing to not be good, it would be the weather, so. . .

Ahh, the Pergamon is partially under construction but we still got to see a fair amount and it is so photogenic. I'm the only thing really out of focus--go figure. Day Two.

On my way to the Pergamon, there was a wind storm and rain and syn at the same time, which was pretty uncomfortable, but made for some lovely photos. Oh, how beautiful Berlin is!

 One of my favorite spaces in ALL of Berlin! So glad this was open.

 I'm always struck by how many well-adjusted kids are in Berlin, though many of them are riding high which always has me a bit worried.
 It's Spargel-Zeit. Everything has Spargel in it. Yep, looks like I'm the only meat-eater on this trip. And this is the first meat I've had in a week. Beelitzer Spargel is SO yummy.

Berlin is always changing. I discovered the restaurants on this street near Eberswalder Strasse last year and was happy to return. YUM!
 And we saw our first show together. Herbert Fritsch directed der die mann. And I got my first questions: What was that about. We are right on schedule here. There won't be another show anything like this. For those who came here last year--same director as Murmel Murmel's director.
'Nuff said. G'night!

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