Thursday, April 30, 2015

I had such a beautiful flight over. Definitely love flying through Amsterdam (shorter flight). The first arrivers got here yesterday and I kept with the tradition of not letting anyone go to bed before seeing Brandenburger Tor, so... Amy and Josiah did great on their first day. They saw Alexanderplatz, Volksbühne (Rosa Luxemburg Platz), Friedrichshain, learned where museums, opera house, etc. are, picked up tickets at various locations and learned how to get there on their own. They went to an open market, had their first Eis and their first giant pretzel, good German coffee, saw the Reichstag, the Holocaust memorial, Potzdamer Platz (where the little green men were "Grenzen überwinden"  and they saw a few things in the west and met their host family. Whew, I don't know if I forgot anything--I probably did--but I know I had logged close to 24,000 steps by 6 pm so I'm pretty sure that they were close to that by the time they got to sleep off their jetlag. Please note that it was intentional to have the Quadriga of horses coming out of Josiah's head. More to come today.

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